Requirements for centre staff including tutors, assessors and IQAs.

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Our network of approved training providers have enabled over 300,000 individuals to advance their careers with YMCA Awards qualifications.

This page provides an overview of our approval processes and requirements. You can find out more about specific types of approval using the links above or continue reading for a summary of YMCA Awards approval.


Becoming a YMCA Awards Centre

To become a YMCA Awards centre, you will need to demonstrate that you have the right systems, staff and resources in place to support learners to achieve a YMCA Awards qualification. This starts with a conversation with the team who will explain our processes and requirements in more detail before providing access to our organisation approval request form.


Staff Approval

Our staff approval process allows us to confirm that tutors, assessors and internal quality assurers (IQAs) are suitably qualified to support learners to achieve a YMCA Awards qualification. This usually means ensuring that staff have both subject matter and role specific qualifications.

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Product Approval

Our product approval process allows existing centres to add new or additional qualifications to their centre's approval.

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Site Approval

Our site approval process allows you to notify us of changes to your delivery locations and for us to check premises are appropriate.

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Access arrangements, reasonable adjustment and special consideration

Submit requests to support learners to complete their assessments — including the use of video evidence and invigilation away from your approved sites — by completing the Access arragement, reasonable adjustment and special considerations request form in Y-Connect.

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Our customer support specialists are on hand to support with all your approval questions.

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