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As an exercise to music (ETM) instructor you are most likely to work in fitness centres and health clubs. However, you may also be required to teach in community centres, church halls, schools – in fact, wherever there’s a suitable space and a stereo! The role of an ETM instructor or studio instructor is great fun and can be very rewarding. You could be teaching a wide range of classes including aerobics, body conditioning and legs, bums and tums. You will need to deliver classes for a wide range of people, with different levels of fitness and ability.

Exercise to Music Instructor Profile Image

Working hours

As an ETM instructor you will probably work freelance, delivering a number of classes a week in a variety of locations.  You could decide to teach ETM full or part-time and many instructors often become involved in the running of the studio itself as studio managers.


The majority of ETM instructors will work on a freelance basis so will usually be paid hourly. The average hourly wage for this position will vary based on location but will
average between £10-30 per hour.

Qualifications needed

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