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Impact Training Solutions logoImpact Training became the first internationally accredited training centre to offer CYQ fitness instructor training courses in the Middle East and India back in 2004. We discuss with Amanda Brewer, Director of Education, her thoughts on why the area of instructor training has continued to grow in this region.

Impact was initially set up in the UAE eight years ago and became the first international centre to receive accreditation to offer level 1, 2 and 3 instructor courses. Although the company is well and truly established, it has taken time to lobby for the government to fully embrace the benefits of regulating the industry, as Amanda explains: “Since the early days we have had to put constant pressure onto the government in the UAE, in order to recognise the importance of helping fitness professionals to become internationally qualified. We are finally seeing the acknowledgement of our hard work.”

In addition to an increasing recognition by the government, Impact Training are benefitting from being an entrusted name by employers due to the personable and individual nature of the graduates produced, “I love that we can turn out fabulous professionals who are 'fit for Industry' and not just a production line of clones,” surmises Amanda, “students learn at different speeds but they are all given the support to suit their individual needs. This has really paid off and employers trust what Impact can deliver for their team.”

Trusted support

With Impact Training gaining government and employer approval, Amanda Brewer fully acknowledges the benefits of choosing Central YMCA Qualifications, concluding: “The qualifications are second to none. Having worked in further education for many years, making the choice to stay with CYQ as opposed to any other awarding body was an easy decision for us.” In addition, the support offered has proved an additional benefit for Impact Training’s delivery, “Historically the support for our centres has been excellent. From admin staff, theory papers, cert claims to EV visits the service and support is superb” Amanda proclaims.

With training contracts in place for venues ranging from prisons to the UAE military, Impact Training’s future seems set to continue to make a considerable impact.

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If you are interested in becoming one of CYQ’s international centres, please contact Lori Randall, Head of Business Development, or Alex Carr, Business Development and Approvals Manager.