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We believe in fair, transparent pricing. It’s the lifeblood of who we are: open, inclusive and welcoming.

This page outlines the fees we charge for approvals, quality assurance and other adminstration not included in qualification or resource fees.

Approval fees

Service Fee

Initial centre approval review

(non refundable)

Level 1 only £200.00
All other levels/mixture of levels £600.00

Additional qualification approval


1-3 qualifications £50.00
4-6 qualifications £100.00
7 or more qualifications £150.00

Approval fees are non-refundable and due at the point of submission.

Centres based outside of the UK will also need to cover any travel, accomodation and/or subsistence costs related to approval.

External assessment fees

Service Fee
Hand-marking of external assessment answer sheet £10.00
Clerical review of marking £10.00
Penalty for breaching the confidentiality of assessment materials

£15.00 per replacement question plus £500.00 for administration

Quality assurance fees

Service Fee
EQA activity outside of the UK All travel, accommodation and subsistence costs

Late cancellation of an EQA visit

(less than 14 days before scheduled date)

Appeal £50.00

Certification fees

Service Fee
Proof of qualification letter £15.00
Replacement certificate £30.00
Printed certificate for endorsed programmes £10.00