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To apply to become a Platinum Partner, download the application form here, complete it and return to the email address shown on the form.

Application guidance

For each section, you’ll see a note of the word count and weighting. Your application will need to achieve 80% in order to be successful. Whether your application is successful or not, we’ll be able to tell you the score you achieved and provide a breakdown of this if requested.

If your organisation does not currently meet all of the criteria, you may want to adopt the indicators as part of your quality improvement planning. If you require support with this, you can access our Critical Friend and Advisory Service which will be going live in October 2015. We’re happy to talk to you about publicising your intention to become a Platinum Partner within a given timeframe so that potential students can see your commitment to improvement.

When you have completed the form, please email it to Craig Potter. Please ensure you supply as much supporting evidence as possible. This can be as attachments or as hyperlinks.

Within four weeks your application will have gone through an initial screening process carried out by us. At that stage, we’ll let you know whether your application:

  • Has been approved for submission to our Senior Management Team (SMT)
  • Requires additional input – and we’ll be specific in what else is needed
  • Has been rejected.

If we need additional information, you’ll have two weeks to provide that to us. If the information provided still does not meet the criteria, your application will be rejected. Providers whose applications are rejected will receive full feedback and additional support will be offered. Providers will be encouraged to apply again although we can only accept three applications per provider.

Our SMT will consider Platinum Partner applications on a monthly basis. At the point that your application is successful in the initial stage, we’ll let you know the date that it will be presented. You will receive notification of the SMT’s decision within five days of the meeting.

Additional Support

If you are a new training provider, or if your organisation requires assistance to meet the criteria we can provide support to help you set up and improve quality processes and procedures. You can access this through our Critical Friend and Advisory Service.