When to delay

Situations where teaching and/or assessment cannot take place

Helping you decide where adaptations are not appropriate.

Delaying teaching and assessment is a last resort but may be necessary to ensure learners achieve the qualification and safeguard their progression opportunities.


When to delay

Our guidance needs to be considered alongside any government guidance and local restrictions. Delivery must be delayed when continuing with teaching and/or assessment would:

•    breach rules on social distancing or legal requirements
e.g. allowing a learner to work with a group of clients where there is a legal requirement restricting interaction to one individual
•    be unsafe
e.g. allowing an unqualified learner to instruct a client using gym equipment without a qualified gym instructor to oversee the session
•    not allow learners to demonstrate their skills
e.g. allowing a learner to proceed to their final summative gym assessment without access to all required gym equipment.

Breaks from learning

Our registrations are valid for 3 years. So, if a learner needs to take a break from their programme, they should have the flexibility to do so.

When learners return following breaks from learning, you will need to check their knowledge, skill and understanding (this is usually done through professional discussion). Where you’re unsure that knowledge, skill or understanding has been retained, you should support the learner to recap the topic to get them back to the required standard.

We often request evidence of how you’ve evaluated and supported learners returning from breaks in learning so please ensure you document the process.

Our team are open to suggestions on how we can provide further support.

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