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How do I appeal against my assessment result?

In the first instance, appeals should made through the centre where the assessment was taken. Click here to access the appropriate appeals procedure.

Making an appeal

Click here to download the appeal form.

The YMCA Awards Result Enquiry Service

The Result Enquiry Service includes a re-check of all clerical procedures which lead to the issue of a result. Checks are carried out to ensure that:

1. All parts of the theory assessment have been marked
2. The totaling of marks is correct
3. The recording of marks is correct
4. There has been no unforeseen error owing to YMCA Awards' electronic marking system
5. Reasonable assessment adjustments have been applied, where applicable
6. Special consideration has been applied, where applicable
7. A review of marking takes place by a member of the Products and Services team

As a result of the checks that are carried out, candidates’ marks can go up or down.

We aim to carry out this service within 21 working days of acknowledging the request. Please note that this service is not available for internally assessed practical assessment and coursework.