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CYQ would like to inform training providers that changes have been made to PPL licensing regulations. To assist centres, the team at Pure Energy has provided us with a summary of the new regulations and guidance on how centres can apply for a PPL license.

Do training providers require a PPL license?

Yes, unless you are a training provider teaching in primary or secondary schools you must have a PPL license to be legal. There has been a general belief that students and providers in education were exempt from PPL licensing but this is not the case.

With the new PPL regulations training providers need to hold a PPL license for all of the courses they will be running on a yearly basis.

How can training providers get a license?

Pure Energy has developed a training provider membership licence which allows centres to quickly and efficiently apply and receive their PPL license.

How does it work?

PPL has informed that under the new tariff training providers will only pay for one class per day when using music to teach, irrespective of how many classes are taught and the amount of music used.

How do I apply?

Training providers can set up PPL licenses direct with Pure Energy. To purchase your license please email or call 01709 710022. When applying centres will need to supply a full list of all courses delivered across a 12 month period and a summary of how many days music will be used.

Pure Energy is the leading producer of legally licensed, original artist music specifically tailored for the fitness professional. The information listed has been provided by Pure Energy. For any advice and guidance on PPL licensing laws and regulations please contact Pure Energy direct.