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We’ve recently combined our ‘Centre Agreement’ and ‘Terms and Conditions for Approved Providers’ documents to provide you with one, clear and transparent contract with YMCA Awards.

Download a copy of our Centre Agreement/Terms and Conditions for Approved Providers

As well as simplifying our language and combining terms you’ve previously agreed to, there are a few clarifications and additions you need to be aware of:

Explanation of changeSection(s) in new agreement

We’ve clarified what you need to do before entering into an arrangement with a third party to deliver teaching, assessment or internal quality assurance of our qualifications and/or qualification components.

2.1, 2.4, 7.3, 8.1,
8.2 and 10.5

We’ve clarified that we may not process centre and qualification approval requests until we’ve received appropriate payment


We’ve clarified that we expect learners to complete their programme within 3 years and what you need to do if a learner completes outside of this time frame.

We’ve also introduced a fee for reactivating learners who take more than 3 years to complete their programme.

3.6 and 3.7

We’ve clarified that detailed information on the assessment specification for a qualification or qualification component can be found in the syllabus or Learner Assessment Record (LAR) (where these are available).


We’ve highlighted the requirement from our External Assessment Policy to get written approval from us before using technology to invigilate external assessment.

We’ve clarified that Skype, FaceTime and similar services do not meet our requirements.


We’ve clarified that you need to ensure learners meet any minimum GLH and/or age restrictions before requesting their certificate.


We’ve updated our invoicing terms to make it clear that you can pay upfront for services and don’t have to request a credit account.

We’ve also clarified what will happen if you don’t make payment in line with our payment terms.


If you'd prefer to see all of the changes, we've mapped the new contract to the documents it replaces:

We hope these changes make sense and support an even more seamless experience with YMCA Awards. If you have any questions please get in touch.