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Coming soon: new and updated qualifications

If you've attended any of our online events over the past few months, you'll be aware that we have been busy refreshing our qualifications at level 2.

As we've now finalised the content of the qualifications, we wanted to share the draft versions of the specifications, syllabuses and learner assessment records (LARs) so that you can begin preparing to deliver the new content. Please note that the documents provided on this page are not the final versions and that changes will be made to the following before launch:

  • GLH and TQT values
  • unit and qualification numbers
  • spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting
  • guidance information at the start of the documents.

However, the learning outcomes and assessment criteria are not expected to change and the assessment specifications have been finalised.

We welcome your questions and thoughts on the new qualifications and look forward to publishing the final versions of these documents in the coming weeks!





Engaging Children Aged 0-5 in Sport and Physical Activity 








Engaging Children and Young People in Sport and Physical Activity 




Delivering Sport and Physical Activity in the School Environment: Out of Curriculum


Exercise and Fitness Instructing





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