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One of the biggest challenges faced in the UK today is encouraging people to get off their sofas and become more active. Almost one third of adults fail to meet the minimum level of activity recommended; whilst almost one in five children are classified as obese by the time they leave primary school. With obesity levels on the rise, how can we tackle these worrying trends?

At YMCA Awards, we believe that physical activity and sport have an absolutely essential role to play in the health of the nation. We are committed to exploring new ways to help your learners inspire people to take part in physical activity, and in September, we are thrilled to be launching further Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications in sport and increasing participation.

Aimed at equipping learners with the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to keep themselves and others fit, active and healthy, these qualifications offer learners the perfect balance of practical and theory, whilst also offering a clear progression to employment (apprenticeship) or further study. With a YMCA Awards qualification under their belt, learners can feel confident that they can do their bit to get people active.

For further information or to register your interest in delivering these qualifications, please email: or drop us a call: +44 (0)20 7343 1800.