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Today we’ve contacted main centre contacts to outline changes to our prices that will take affect from 1 August 2020.

Summary of changes

  • From today, we’re decreasing the fees for eLearning bundles by 20% so that you can save more when purchasing all content to support our biggest selling qualifications. Fees for individual eLearning components will remain £25+ VAT and the new these prices will be frozen until 31 July 2021.
    View new eLearning fees
  • Fees for qualifications, LARs, assessment workbooks and digital manuals will continue to be priced by size and will remain frozen for a further 12 months until 31 July 2021.
    View our current fees
  • We will retain the requirement for approved centres to spend a minimum of £750 per year (1 August – 31 July) on registrations. However, performance will be assessed quarterly (31 October, 31 January, 31 May and 31 July) instead of just at the end of the year.
  • Fees for print manuals will increase by an average of 5% from 1 August 2020. This is a result of increased costs from our supplier and is the first time we have increase prices since 1 August 2018. The new prices will remain frozen until 31 July 2021
    View our new print manual fees.

I appreciate that price increases are never welcome and so hope that you’re pleased we’ve kept them to a minimum. If you have any questions about these changes, please get in touch.