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The new ‘Level 2 Certificate in the Foundations of Strength and Conditioning (Trainer)’ has been launched by YMCA Awards.

Previously, strength and conditioning (S&C) training qualifications were only accessed by an exclusive group of elite athletic, football and professional sports club coaches. Due to growing demands for more S&C accessibility within the fitness industry, YMCA Awards have developed and launched a more inclusive qualification, enabling more training providers and learners than ever before to access the prestigious world of S&C.

In order to become a Personal Trainer, learners previously had to achieve a Level 2 Gym Instructor Certificate first. This has changed - learners now have more choice. They can either take the Level 2 S&C (Trainer) pathway or the Level 2 Gym Instructor pathway to become a Personal Trainer or they can take both to broaden their skills and client base.

The existing Gym Instructor qualification tends to focus on maintaining the general health and fitness of members of the public, whereas the S&C (Trainer) is geared towards learners who specifically want to coach sports teams, enhance performance and improve the efficiency of their clients’ movements. Those aspiring to become professional sports coaches, are more likely to achieve their goal if they have a Level 2 S&C (Trainer) qualification as opposed to a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. The Level 2 S&C (Trainer) bridges the skills gap between a Personal Trainer and a Performance Coach.

Unlike other awarding bodies who are also offering Level 2 S&C (Trainer), the YMCA’s qualification has been fully endorsed and mapped to CIMSPA’s professional standard - the UK body for the sport and physical activity sector. Colin Huffen, CIMSPA’s Head of Education welcomes the launch of this new qualification:

“CIMSPA would like to congratulate our partners, YMCA Awards, on their early adoption of the Strength and Conditioning Trainer professional standard, and developing this ‘first of a kind’ qualification.

By aligning this qualification with the sector’s professional standards, YMCA Awards have provided learners with a great entry point into a fulfilling career in strength and conditioning – a qualification which will offer clear progression and a pathway into this growing profession.”

Paula Wells, Director of YMCA Awards, explains why the new YMCA Level 2 Certificate in the Foundations of Strength and Conditioning (Trainer) is so significant:

“Our new CIMSPA endorsed qualification provides a long awaited segue into the exciting world of sport specialisation and training. It’s a great entrance point into the industry and builds upon the knowledge, skills and behaviours of professionals who want to work with a more diverse client base, from athletes to the general public and local communities.

Focusing on the foundations of movement is a strong base which will improve their clients’ sporting activities, reduce the risk of injury and benefit their everyday lives.

This qualification can also be delivered alongside our Gym Instructing and/or Group Exercise qualifications without having to repeat common modules. It’s essential to every education centre’s qualification offering.”

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