Spectator Safety Supervision

YMCA Level 3 Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision (603/7363/5)

YMCA Level 3 Extended Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision (603/7364/7)

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By completing these qualifications, learners will meet industry requirements to perform supervisory roles within stewarding and spectator safety. 

The purpose of these qualifications is to confirm occupational competence and provide learners with knowledge, skills and understanding of Spectator Safety. They are mapped to the Skills Active National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Spectator Safety 2019.

Completing these qualifications provides access to supervisory stewarding and spectator safety jobs including for sport and music events, festivals and carnivals.






Operational start date






Extended Certificate







Supported by the sector


Created in collaboration with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA)

The Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) are leaders in sports ground safety in the UK and have worked stakeholders to ensure the content of our Spectator Safety qualifications reflect the changing threats to events and crowded spaces.

Stakeholders include governing bodies, safety officers, venue operators, training providers, government agencies, subject matter experts and trade associations.


The YMCA Level 3 Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision has been designed to meet the needs of most employers, allowing learners to demonstrate the minimum requirements for supervisory roles in stewarding and spectator safety.

At smaller events — particularly those without regulated stands or events with limited attendance — the YMCA Level 3 Extended Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision may be used as the minimum qualification for the senior person on duty with responsibility for safety.

The YMCA Level 4 Diploma in Spectator Safety Management remains the minimum standard for a safety officer at designated sports grounds and larger events.

Meeting employer needs



Spectator safety employers consistently emphasise the importance placed on learners demonstrating their knowledge, skills and understanding through competency-based assessments.

Our qualifications have been designed to reflect these demands, assessing learners' performance on the job.


Learners must be aged 16 plus.

Before learners can be certificated for this qualification, they must complete:


To achieve the YMCA Level 3 Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision (603/7363/5) learners must complete five mandatory units and two optional units.

To achieve the YMCA Level 3 Extended Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision (603/7364/7) learners must complete nine mandatory units. There is no requirement for learners completing this qualification to complete optional units, but they may choose to do so if the units are relevant to their role.

UnitCertificateExtended Certificate
Prepare stewards and venues for spectator events (D/618/6935)MandatoryMandatory
Manage and maintain stewarding in designated areas (A/618/6845)MandatoryMandatory
Manage information for action and decision making for spectator events (L/618/6803)MandatoryMandatory
Develop and sustain productive working relationships with stakeholders (F/618/6815)MandatoryMandatory
Monitor and solve customer services problems (K/618/6808)MandatoryMandatory
Manage initial response to significant or major incidents and plan for resilience (D/618/6806)N/AMandatory
Manage risks in crowded places (Y/618/6805)N/AMandatory
Plan for the safety of people at a spectator event (A/618/6800)N/AMandatory
Manage the safety and security of people at spectator events (F/618/6801)N/AMandatory
Help to manage and resolve conflicts* (H/618/6788)OptionalOptional
Deal with incidents at spectator events* (K/618/6789)OptionalOptional
Manage resources for safety and security at spectator events (R/618/6804)OptionalOptional
Manage the efficient use of resources (J/618/6847)OptionalN/A
Develop your knowledge, skills and competence (T/618/6813)OptionalN/A

*It is strongly recommended that these units are only selected by learners who have not previously completed a level 2 qualification in spectator safety.

Our Level 3 Certificate/Extended Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision can lead to employment in a wide range of supervisory roles within spectator safety and stewarding. They qualification can also lead to further training at the same or higher levels including:


The information below provides details of our fees for our approved centres. If you're a learner, you'll need to find a training provider to get an accurate cost for completing one of our qualifications. Training providers will charge learners more than the prices listed below to cover the costs of the delivery of teaching and assessment they complete on our behalf.

Registration and certification fees

YMCA Level 3 Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision — £55.00 per learner

YMCA Level 3 Extended Certificate in Spectator Safety Supervision — £65.00 per learner


Existing centres can add this qualification to their offer by completing an 'Additional Product Approval Request' in Y-Connect.

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