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Our engaging, bitesize products put you in the driving seat and allow you to explore subjects such as muscle physiology, bones and joints, weight management, principles of fitness and a whole host of other topics.

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Health & Nutrition Guides

Author: Tim Shaw BSc MSc
Length: 64 pages

The Need to Know Guide to Nutrition and Healthy Eating

If you’re looking for simple, honest advice about how to eat healthily, this is the book for you. Many popular diet plans promise quick weight loss, but few people realise the range of health problems that can result. Free from the influence of over-hyped fads and quick fixes, Tim Shaw’s insightful, practical advice will help you to create a long-term, sustainable healthy eating plan. This book includes:

  • Control your weight and lose fat without dieting.
  • Gain energy, improve your mood and increase your concentration.
  • Boost your immune system and fight infection.
  • Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at a healthy level.
  • Reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and certain forms of cancer.
  • Enhance your sex life and improve your fertility.

With a little time and some self-discipline, you can harness the power of good nutrition to lose weight, embrace good health and live longer.

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Author: Tim Shaw BSc MSc
Length: 66 pages

The Need to Know Guide to Nutrition for Exercise

Your diet can have a real impact on your energy levels and performance when you exercise. A must read for exercise lovers, this much anticipated sequel to The Need to Know Guide to Nutrition and Healthy Eating takes a closer look at the role food and drink can play in achieving your exercise goals. Simple to use and packed with proven techniques to measure, monitor and adapt every aspect of your daily diet. This book includes:

  • Keep track of what you eat. 
  • Calculate your energy requirements.  
  • Understand the role that different foods play in performance.
  • Establish a balance of foods that works for you. 
  • Monitor your hydration levels.
  • Choose what supplements are worth investing in. 
  • Establish the perfect weight training diet. 
  • Establish the perfect diet for CV exercise.
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Health & Fitness Guides

Author: Paul Orridge BSc
Length: 64 pages

The Scientific Approach to Exercise for Fat Loss

Forget the crash diets and exercise fads, here is what you really need to know about achieving a healthy body weight. The media is filled with celebrity diets and bikini body plans; but these quick fixes rarely deliver the miraculous results they promise. Separating fact from fiction, fitness expert Paul Orridge cuts through the myths and misunderstandings surrounding body fat to offer realistic, scientifically proven advice on losing weight the healthy way. This book includes:

  • The physiology of fat.
  • The latest, up-to-the-minute research and guidelines from the most highly regarded health organisations.
  • How to calculate your BMI and calorie expenditure.
  • Safe and effective exercise programmes that actually work.
  • Lifestyle changes that will make a real difference.
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Author: Darren O'Toole BSc
Length: 87 pages

20 Full Body Training Programmes for Exercise Lovers

An easy to follow series of 20 dynamic training programmes designed to inspire when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Written by experienced personal trainer, Darren O’Toole, this essential guide provides simple, step-by-step advice on boosting your general fitness. Darren’s thoughtfully compiled and progressive programmes, designed for those with varying degrees of experience, span weeks and cover exercises of all types. This book includes: 

  • Overcoming internal and external barriers to exercise.
  • Monitoring the intensity of your exercise.
  • Interval training.
  • Strength and conditioning.
  • Endurance.
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Author: Licoln Blandford 
Length: 62 pages

Injury Prevention and Movement Control Volume 1: Core Concepts and Posture

Volume one of the Injury Prevention and Movement Control series, fitness expert Lincoln Blandford and the Performance Matrix team provide fresh insights into the possible causes of imbalances and the precision and focus required to achieve true movement control. This book includes:

  • How to align the mind (software) with the body (hardware).
  • Basic strategies when aiming to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Increased awareness of independent movements in the body.
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Author: Lincoln Blandford
Length: 84 pages

Injury Prevention and Movement Control Volume 2: Warm up, Flexibility and Resistance Training

This is the second volume in the Injury Prevention and Movement Control series. Fitness expert Lincoln Blandford and the Performance Matrix team offer scientifically supported, practical advice on how to remain injury free when resistance training. This book includes:

  • The importance of movement control in a practical setting.
  • The best ways of optimising warm-up’s for injury prevention. 
  • Increasing flexibility.
  • Safe and effective resistance training. 
  • Developing an awareness of injury prevention. 
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Author: Jacob Salt-Berrymen
Length: 84 pages

Run, Jump, Climb and Crawl

This practical advice book from fitness expert Jacob Salt-Berrymen, focuses on four key obstacle indicators. For both beginners and for more advanced obstacle lovers, this book is a must have. This book includes:

  • The varying kinds of races and obstacles that you may encounter.     
  • A 12 –week training plan with targeted workouts.
  • Deciding on the correct type of diet that will help with fuelling your race.
  • Difficult obstacles and how to train for them.
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Author: Max Bower
Length: 64 pages

Tri harder - The A to Z of Triathlon for Improvers

A triathlon competitor’s guide on how to train and improve; running, cycling and swimming times. Ideal for triathletes looking to enhance their personal techniques and times, Max Bower’s unique guide is the perfect literary tool. This book includes:

  • Techniques and equipment tips for performance enhancement.
  • Advice on nutrition.
  • Effective ways of choosing the correct bike gears.
  • Improving running speeds.
  • Injury avoidance.
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Author: Angela Youngman
Length: 54 pages

Gardening for Health

Angela Youngman’s insightful gardening guide explains the benefits of horticulture on both physical and mental health. Exploring important safety considerations, exercises and precautions, this book examines the various ways of gaining the most from your outdoor living space. This book includes:

  • The health benefits of gardening.
  • Choosing the right tools.
  • Warm-up and cool down exercises. 
  • Planning your gardening session.
  • Gardening in your older years.
  • Staying safe in the garden and injury prevention.
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Health Guides for New Parents 

Author: Nicola Cooper-Abbs
Length: 58 pages

The Need to Know Guide to Life With a Toddler and a Newborn

Nicola Cooper-Abbs looks into the often unforeseen demands of parenthood. Designed as a guide for parents from pregnancy, the book examines the early stages following the birth of a second child. Providing sensible practical advice, this book also looks at the first few months following on from the interim stages - exploring the interrelationships that exist between an infant and newborn child. This book includes: 

  • The ways of explaining to your child that a new arrival is on its way.
  • How to establish routines and methods in keeping your child amused. 
  • How to utilise community support services.
  • How to finding time for yourself, and your own well being. 
  • Key environments of exploration with an expanding family.  
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Author: Deborah Beard
Length: 46 pages

New Baby, New You: The Need to Know Guide to Postnatal Health and Happiness

Fitness instructor and personal trainer Deborah Beard looks into various ways new mothers can adapt to the challenges of getting back in shape after giving birth. Straightforward and informative with excellent  advice and guidance, this is an essential guide. This book includes:  

  • Understanding the changes to the body before and after birth.  
  • Strengthening muscles affected through pregnancy and birth.
  • Discovering the correct types of exercise to lose baby weight. 
  • Improving overall fitness.
  • Boosting mental wellbeing.
  • Top tips on how to regain your confidence.
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Author: Nicola Cooper-Abbs
Length: 54 pages

50 Games for Active Toddlers 

Come rain or shine, inventing new ways of keeping energetic children occupied can be a real challenge. In this handy guide, Nicola Cooper-Abbs (experienced author and mum of two), provides practical advice on how to keep toddlers both happy and healthy. Packed with quick game ideas that are designed to fit with a range of environments and budgets, this is a fun and essential guide for parents and carers. This book includes: 

  • Activities for when you’re short on time.
  • Indoor games.
  • Outdoor games.
  • Play dates and play zones.
  • Clubs and organisations.
  • New technology and more old-fashioned pastimes.
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