Changes to our Centre Agreement and Terms and Conditions for Approved Providers

We’ve recently combined our ‘Centre Agreement’ and ‘Terms and Conditions for Approved Providers’ documents to provide you with one, clear and transparent contract with YMCA Awards.


Y-mark 2.0 – Updates to our Y-mark Digital Assessment Workbooks

We’ve been hard at work improving stability and the experience of using Y-mark and we’re excited to announce Y-mark 2.0!

Clearer instructions to learners

We’ve updated our Y-mark instructions to make it clearer what learners need to do.


Reasonable adjustments that allow use of a bilingual dictionary

Occasionally we hear from centres that they would like to be able to allow a learner to use a bilingual dictionary in an external assessment (theory test) when the learner’s first language is not English. This is allowed where the use of a bilingual translation dictionary represents the learner’s normal way of working and invigilators take steps to check pages of the dictionary for non-permitted notes or diagrams.


Policy updates

We keep our policies and associated procedures under constant review, responding to changes in regulation, in relation to feedback from our centres and making adjustments here and there when we can see that this will improve things for all who work with us. We have recently introduced a new policy on Subcontracting and have refreshed our External Quality Strategy to provide more clarity so we thought now would be a good time to run through some of the changes that we have made to key policies in the last 6 months:


Centre reminder

As you may already be aware, we are in the process of rebranding all of our resources and applying RQF requirements such as the addition of TQT and removal of QCF. If you notice that there is not a new RQF version of a qualification’s syllabus and LAR, please continue to use the QCF versions that are available.

The QCF and RQF resources can be found under the Centre Home area of the YMCA Awards website:



New multiple-choice test papers

As a result of two recent reviews, CYQ is introducing new multiple-choice test papers across all qualifications.

  • Review of assessment policy and procedures for multiple-choice tests against the new Ofqual Conditions of Recognition

The ‘review of core Level 2 and 3 qualifications’ has resulted in a series of new multiple-choice tests that map precisely to the units, and the contents have been subject to a thorough quality check to ensure that they meet best-practice guidelines in multiple-choice-test item writing.


Important information for training providers: new PPL licensing regulations

CYQ would like to inform training providers that changes have been made to PPL licensing regulations. To assist centres, the team at Pure Energy has provided us with a summary of the new regulations and guidance on how centres can apply for a PPL license.

Do training providers require a PPL license?

Yes, unless you are a training provider teaching in primary or secondary schools you must have a PPL license to be legal. There has been a general belief that students and providers in education were exempt from PPL licensing but this is not the case.