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We believe in fair, transparent pricing. It’s the lifeblood of who we are: open, inclusive and welcoming.

These are the fees we will charge our approved providers from 1 August 2018 until 31 July 2020.

If you're a learner, you'll need to find a training provider to get an accurate cost for completing one of our qualifications. Training providers will charge learners more than the prices listed below to cover the costs of the delivery of teaching and assessment they complete on our behalf.

Qualification fees

Our qualification fees are based on the qualification size (number of guided learning hours).

Size Fee
Award £15.00
Certificate £35.00
Diploma £55.00
Diplomas combining multiple smaller qualifications £80.00


We set a minimum spend of £750 on qualifications each year (1 August – 31 July). If you spend less than £750 on qualifications in a year, you’ll be charged the difference to cover our administration and external quality assurance costs.

Learner assessment records (LARs) fees

All of our learner assessment records (LARs) are free for approved providers to download from the Centre home area of our website and use electronically. If you'd like a printed version, you can order this from our webshop.

Size Fee
Digital (fillable PDF) Free
Award £7.50
Certificate £12.50
Diploma £20.00


Download fillable LARs

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Y-Mark assessment workbooks fees

Using our Y-Mark self-marking digital assessment workbooks is free and reduces the average cohort's marking by 6 hrs. If you'd prefer a printed version you can mark yourself, you can order this from our webshop.

Type Fee
Digital (self-marking) Free
Printed £7.50

Register learners for Y-mark digital assessment workbooks

Order Y-mark print assessment workbooks

eLearning fees

Our eLearning fees are based on the number of units the product covers. All eLearning products are subject to VAT.

Type Fee
Unit* £25 + VAT
Qualification Sum of unit fees - 20% + VAT

*Mandatory units are £60 + VAT

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Manual fees

Our manuals are written specifically to support the delivery of our qualifications and have been priced based on their size. Manuals can be ordered in colour, black and white (B/W) or as a digital copy through our eLearning platform.

Page count Colour fee B/W fee Digital fee
Up to 50 £8.00 £6.40 £4.80
51–75 £10.00 £8.00 £6.00
76–100 £12.00 £9.60 £7.20
101–125 £14.00 £11.20 £8.40
126–150 £16.00 £12.80 £9.60
151–175 £18.00 £14.40 £10.80
176–200 £20.00 £16.00 £12.00

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