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    Details of our fees for approved training providers.

    We believe in fair, transparent pricing. This page outlines the fees we will charge our approved providers from 1 January 2024.

    We require all providers to spend a minimum of £350 in registration fees per external quality assurance activity (EQA activity). If you require external quality assurance and haven’t spent £350 in registration fees since your last EQA activity, we will need to charge you the difference.

    If you’re a learner, you’ll need to find a training provider to get an accurate cost for completing one of our qualifications. Training providers will charge learners more than the prices listed below to cover the costs of the delivery of teaching and assessment they complete on our behalf.

    Select a category below to find out more about the fees for that product and/or service.

    Qualification fees

    End-Point Asssessment fees

    Learner assessment records (LARs)

    Y-Mark assessment workbooks fees

    eLearning fees

    Manual fees

    Other fees