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    YMCA Awards: a recognised End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)

    Drawing on 25+ years’ experience in qualifications in the health, fitness and leisure field – YMCA Awards offer independent end-point assessment for trailblazer apprenticeship standards.

    End-Point Assessments (EPA) are a series of assessments that an apprentice must take to confirm that they can do the job that they’ve been training for. Employers of apprentices and training providers, like you, need to source a reputable organisation to assess your apprentices. Look for ones who are recognised on the Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations, like us.

    With a straightforward approach to products and pricing, you know exactly what you’re going to get by working with YMCA Awards.

    Assessment for apprenticeship standards





    Standard by design

    Apprenticeship Standards have been designed by a collective of employers, educators and sector organisations. They have been approved by Government through the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, which has agreed the knowledge, skills and behaviours that an apprentice should demonstrate and the types of assessment that should be made to test the apprentice’s competency for the role.

    With so much standardisation, it can be easy to assume that there is no difference between assessing organisations (and their offer).
    But there are differences and it pays to look to the details to find the right partner.

    Our EPA package includes

    Experienced independent assessors with industry experience
    A named contact from start to finish
    Scheduled progress meetings across on-programme, gateway and EPA
    Guidance documents for all parties (in a digital format)

    We’ll look after your apprentice

    EPA specific guidance for apprentices
    A time and place booked to suit the apprentice and employer
    Use of digital technology, such as video calling, for greater flexibility

    Why YMCA?

    We’re experts in education, health and wellbeing with over 20 years’ experience developing UK-regulated and globally-recognised qualifications. We work closely with industry experts, employers and training providers to make sure that our products and services deliver life-changing opportunities.

    With over half a million qualifications awarded, 300,000 people have advanced their career with YMCA Awards.

    We have a specialist EPA team to help you navigate the world of apprenticeship assessments.