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College of Health Fitness and Therapies
Muscle Works Gym, Island Centre Way, Enfield Island Village, Enfield EN3 6GF

Tel: 07900 986 302

YMCA Awards qualifications offered:

Level 1

  • Award in Body Image and the Relationship to Wellbeing
  • Award in Fitness and Physical Activity
  • Award in Introduction to Lifestyle Management
  • Award In Introduction to Personal Wellbeing
  • Award in Lifestyle Management

Level 2

  • Award in Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Award In Event Planning
  • Award in Instructing Group Indoor Cycling Sessions
  • Award in Introductory Work in the Outdoors
  • Award in Nutrition for Healthy Living
  • Award in Studio Resistance Training
  • Award In Walk Leading
  • Certificate in Customer Service
  • Certificate in Fitness Instructing in the context of:
    -Exercise to Music
    -Gym Based Exercise
  • Certificate in Fitness Walking
  • Certificate in Instructing Circuit Training Sessions
  • Certificate in Introductory Work in the Outdoors
  • Diploma in Promoting Health and Wellness

Level 3

  • Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement
  • Award in Business Skills For The Fitness Professional
  • Award in Education and Training
  • Award in First Aid at Work
  • Award in Instructing Boot Camp Fitness Training
  • Award in Instructing Outdoor Fitness
  • Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity
  • Award in Sports Conditioning
  • Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment
  • Certificate in Personal Training
  • Diploma in Personal Training (Gym-Based Exercise)
  • Diploma in Personal Training and Instruction

Level 4

  • Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice