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YMCA Awards: a regulated awarding organisation.

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This page provides information for our centres including links to our systems and guidance on accessing our support resources.

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Quick links to YMCA Awards Systems

Use Y-Connect to:

  • register your learners with YMCA Awards and claim their achievements
  • submit requests to YMCA Awards
  • access free teaching and assessment resources.

Use XAMS to:

  • schedule external assessments for your learners
  • schedule eProctored assessments
  • view learners' external assessment results. 

Use our web shop to:

  • order print resources to support delivery including manuals, learner assessment records (LARs) and assessment workbooks.

Use our Moodle site to:

  • view the progress of your learners through Y-Mark and purchased eLearning
  • view purchased digital manuals.

Becoming a YMCA Awards Centre

To become a YMCA Awards centre, you will need to demonstrate that you have the right systems, staff and resources in place to support learners to achieve a YMCA Awards qualification. This starts with a conversation with the team who will explain our processes and requirements in more detail before providing access to our organisation approval request form.

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Other types of approval

Our approval pages provide information on adding new staff, products and sites once you have been approved. They also provides information on submitting requests for assess arrangements, reasonable adjustment and special consideration for learners.

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Teaching and assessment resources

Our approved centres can access a range of free teaching and assessment resources from Y-Connect. This includes:

  • qualification syllabuses
  • learner assessment records (LARs)
  • gap filling and bridging assessment materials
  • assessment materials for external set and internal marked invigilated assessments
  • sample assessment materials for external set and externally marked assessments.

To access these resources, log into Y-Connect and select 'Product library' from the navigation menu. You will then be able to search for the relevant product and will find the resources on the 'Documents' tab.

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Request digital resources
Request print resources

Complete a digital resource request form in Y-Connect to enable your learners to access:

Learners are now automatically enrolled on Y-mark digital assessment workbooks where:

  • they are registered on a suitable qualification, and
  • we have been provided with a unique email address for the learner.

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Visit our web shop to order the full range of YMCA Awards print resources, including:

  • Learner Assessment Records (LARs)
  • manuals
  • Y-mark print assessment workbooks




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