Policies and procedures - YMCA Awards
  • Policies and procedures

    As experts in education, health and wellbeing we’ve been developing UK-regulated and globally-recognised qualifications for 20+ years.

    This page is a respository for all of the policies and procedures our centres agree to follow.

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    Appeals Policy and procedure

    Blended-distance learning guidance

    Blended-distance learning guidance and support record

    Centre Agreement/Terms and conditions for Approved providers

    Centre subcontracting policy

    Child protection policy

    Conflict of interest policy

    Data protection (privacy) policy

    Direct Claim Status policy

    Endorsement policy

    Endorsement Terms and Conditions

    Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

    External assessment policy

    External quality assurance policy

    Fair assessment policy: Reasonable adjustments, special consideration and minimising bias

    Feedback and complaints policy

    Learner appeals policy and procedure

    Malpractice and maladministration policy

    Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement (Policy statement)

    Recognition of Prior Learning and Exemption policy

    Record Keeping Guidance

    Sanctions Policy

    Scheme of Work Template

    Tutor, assessor and IQA requirements

    Video evidence in practical assessments

    Withdrawal of YMCA Awards’ qualifications at a centre