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Our regulated health, fitness and wellbeing qualifications are designed with industry experts and employers. Whether learners are looking to take their first steps into the industry or are established fitness professionals, we have a qualification to help them get ahead.

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Professional and Occupational Standards

We’re updating our qualifications to align to the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) professional standards. Developed by employers and industry experts, CIMSPA professional standards redefine what learners need to know, understand and demonstrate to be ‘work-ready’ when completing a qualification.

Where CIMSPA haven't released a professional standard, we work with employers, training providers and other industry experts to ensure learners completing our qualifications meet national occupational or other industry standards.

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What are levels?

Our qualifications are assigned a level to help you judge their difficulty. The higher the level is, the more challenging the qualification will be to achieve.

The descriptions below explain how levels relate to jobs in the fitness industry and include examples of other qualifications designed to target the same level of ability.

Level 1  Assistant Fitness Instructor
Targets same level of ability as GCSE grades 3-1/D-G
Qualifications at this level introduce the health and fitness industry and allow learners to apply basic exercise and fitness knowledge.
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Targets same level of ability as GCSE grades 9-4/A*-C
Qualifications at this level often allow learners to qualify as a fitness professional and gain access to CIMSPA membership.
Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer 
Targets same level of ability as AS and A levels
Qualifications at this level build on level 2 knowledge allowing learners to work with diverse client populations and in a wider range of environments.
Level 4 Specialist Fitness Instructor
Targets same level of ability as a Higher National Certificate
Qualifications at this level allow learners to expand their knowledge of programme design and delivery, to adapt exercise for high risk specialist populations.


We’re  experts in education, health and wellbeing with over 20 years’ experience developing UK-regulated and globally-recognised qualifications. We work closely with industry experts, employers and training providers to make sure that our products and services deliver life-changing opportunities.

With over half a million qualifications awarded, 300,000 people have advanced their career with YMCA Awards.

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