• YMCA Level 1 Certificate in Employability and Personal Development (601/4335/6)

    The YMCA Level 1 Certificate in Employability and Personal Development aims to develop key personal skills, qualities and attitudes required by employers and to help learners progress into employment or in education.




    95 hours


    150 hours

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    YMCA Level 1 Certificate in Employability and Personal Development

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    Operational start date – 1 September 2014

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    • Worksheets
    • Posters
    • Projects
    • Observations
    • Interviewing
    • Self-evaluation
    • Applications
    • Action plans
    • Risk assessment
    • CV Writing



    The YMCA Level 1 Certificate in Employability and Personal Development aims to support learners into work. Learners will develop key generic, transferable personal skills including qualities and attitudes that are required by employers. This qualification is ideal for learners who are undecided as to which vocational/occupational area they wish to eventually gain employment in as it offers a wide range of optional units e.g. practising leadership skills with others, working as a volunteer, introduction to healthy eating, customer service in the hospitality industry, and developing skills in caring for children. This qualification can also aid progression to the next level of learning. Due to the nature and structure it will also appeal to learners who wish to re-engage with learning or those who are looking to retrain.

    Qualification details

    Learners will cover:

    • Planning for progression into employment or education
    • Rights and responsibilities and why health and safety is important in the workplace
    • The value of equality and diversity in society
    • Explore how diet, exercise/physical activity, emotional and mental wellbeing contribute to a healthy lifestyle
    • Identifying and applying for suitable jobs, training programmes or courses
    • Demonstrating positive interview skills
    • Attending and reviewing work experience
    • Basic elements of managing personal finances
    • Developing confidence and self-awareness for success in learning, employment and life in general Taking on responsibilities and actively participating in the community

    There are 47 assessment elements across the 24 units; the appropriate ones will depend on your choice of units. The following elements cover all the available options; you will need to clarify from the assessment plan those that will be relevant to you.

    • Worksheets
      • Planning for progression
      • Work-based experience
      • Effective skills, qualities, attitudes and behaviour for learning and work
    • Work experience logbook
    • Poster / project / worksheet
      • Health and safety procedures at work
      • Career planning and making applications
      • Rights and responsibilities in the workplace
      • Manage personal finance
      • Contributing to a team
      • Valuing equality and diversity
      • Developing personal confidence
      • Develop independent skills for living in the community
      • Planning for and learning from a job interview
      • Practicing leadership skills with others
      • Working as a volunteer
      • Developing own interpersonal skills
      • Healthy lifestyles
      • Planning to cook a meal
      • Introduction to healthy eating
      • Customer service in the hospitality industry
      • Developing skills in caring for young children
      • Sex and relationship education
      • Assertive living
      • Understanding child development
    • Observation of skills, qualities and attitude for learning and work
      • Effective skills, qualities, attitudes
      • Working safely observation
      • Contributing to a team
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Application process and attending an interview
    • Project plan and log book
    • Risk assessment
    • Action plan
    • Self-evaluation of contributing to a team
    • Evaluation of candidate’s project
    • Job interview
    • Self-evaluation of performance during an interview
    • Practical observation of leadership skills
    • Self-evaluation of leadership skills
    • Applying for voluntary work evidence checklist
    • Voluntary work task record form
    • Lifestyle plan
    • Observation of cooking skills checklist
    • Observation of communication skills in a hospitality environment

    You can find further information on these assessments in the qualification syllabus and/or learner assessment record, which are available for centres to download from Y-Connect.

    This qualification supports the personal growth of a learner and their ability to operate within a work setting. As such, this qualification supports the learner towards gaining employment in a range of industries and roles or in a job where a very broad understanding of a number of employment sectors is beneficial.

    Having gained employment this qualification would prepare the learner to move onto an apprenticeship and progress to higher levels within their chosen sector.

    For example:

    • Apprenticeship
    • YMCA Level 1 Diploma in Employability and Personal Development

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