External Assessment

Guidance for learners sitting our exams

External assessments are assessments that are both set and marked by YMCA Awards.

Our external assessments can either be completed as printed exam papers or onscreen using a computer.

All external assessments must be invigilated, which means someone will supervise the assessment to ensure you're following the rules. This can either be done face-to-face with an invigilator in the same room as you or remotely using eProctoring software.


Guidance on external assessment

Face-to-face invigilation (without e-Proctoring)
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Remote invigilation
(with e-Proctoring)
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Practice papers

Your training provider can provide you copies of sample assessment materials for you to practice with. If you have access to eLearning.ymcaawards.co.uk for Y-Mark, you can also attempt our 'Have A Go' quizzes. 'Have A Go' quizzes are currently available for the following subject areas:

  • Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology
  • Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology