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Why did you decide to pursue a career in health and fitness?

I decided to pursue a career in this industry because I had always loved physical activity and wanted to train in what I really loved. Being self employed was also an attractive concept as I could earn money around my family commitments. I spoke to other fitness professionals and they were very positive about the job saying that you could go in any direction and it can be tailored 100% to your own interests and needs.

What skills/qualities do you need to be a gym instructor?

Most importantly you must be able to listen and ensure you understand your client’s goals. You have to ensure you are training your clients in the right way to ensure they get the results they want. You need to care about your work and be considerate to the client’s condition. It is important that you take care of your own appearance and fitness, no one wants to be trained by someone less fit than themselves. Finally you need to be driven, organised and up to date with the industry trends.

What do you enjoy most about  your job?

I work from home so I enjoy the fact that  I can run my business around the rest of my life and family commitments. I enjoy people trusting my opinions and coming to me for professional advice. Also I like people knowing that I am both fit and healthy.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a career in the health and fitness industry?

My advice would be to learn at a college or venue where you will interact with other learners, as you learn from others too. You can bounce off people and learn a lot from their opinion and knowledge so you get a greater education than from just reading a book. Also you get to see how other people organise training sessions and pick up tips; it is also a lot of fun!

Would you recommend CYQ qualifications to others?

I carried out a lot of research to see what would be the best qualification for me. CYQ was the most affordable and was available at Oaklands College where I studied. It is also well recognised and respected throughout the industry.