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YMCA Awards training days are a fantastic way to get support in delivering your qualifications, and we’re always looking at how to improve them. We recently received the following invaluable feedback from you on our standardisation training days:

  • Accessibility of courses – you need more localised training
  • Accessibility of material – all training pack material will now be sent electronically in order to use on laptop and tablets to bring on the day
  • Availability – you requested more dates for the Level 2 and 3 standardisation
  • Facilities – you wished for better facilities at our training days.

We’ve taken some steps, and we’re proud to announce major changes based on your needs:

  • We will now be holding our training days in Premier Inns in three locations – London, Manchester and Bristol – to reach out to as many of our training providers as possible.
  • We have increased the number of sessions for our most popular training days – Level 2 and Level 3 Standardisation with a total of 16 combined dates across the 3 locations.
  • Delegates will receive a free lunch (different lunch options available depending on venue), unlimited teas and coffees, free Wi-Fi and unlimited sparkling/spring water.

Our training days are there to support you in delivering, assessing and internally quality assuring qualifications with best practice. When completed, your delegates will be issued with a YMCA Awards certificate worth 4 REPs CPD points. 

Please click here for more details and to book a session.

YMCA Awards training days are only available to approved staff working for YMCA Awards training providers.


YMCA Awards are committed to exploring the very latest in learning technology for the benefit of our centres, and we are excited to be expanding our training days delivery to webinars. 

A webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is delivered online – and they offer many advantages. By hosting our training days through webinars we can help your centre save on travelling time and costs. We will also be able to invite multiple attendees, giving you the chance to have several staff members trained at once. 

What’s more, webinars will be a free service to all YMCA Awards centres.

Some of our training days have been temporarily removed for 2016, such as Level 2 Chair-Based Exercise, Level 3 Exercise Referral and others. This is because they are being transferred to webinar and will be available once we have launched this service. In the meantime feel free to contact your centre’s EQA for any questions you may have about qualification delivery. 

We will keep you updated with eNews bulletins before launch so you know when they are live.