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We’re thrilled to let you know that we will soon be launching our Level 2 Mandatory Units assessment workbook in Y-Mark, our pioneering digital auto-marking online resource. And to help you keep your options open, it will also be available in a paper-based format to download and print.

Full flexibility: Both the digital and paper-based versions will be administered as an open book assessment, meaning textbooks and/or notes can be used to support the learner, in a non-invigilated environment. They can be completed as homework or during lesson time, allowing you to find the most suitable way to support your learners. Please note however, they must be completed individually as group completion is not permitted.

The benefits are endless. Both versions include questions directly mapped to the learning outcomes for both units. In addition, the Y-Mark version:

  • Is completely auto marking, saving tutors and assessors valuable time (approx. 25 mins per learner) as well as money.
  • Allows learners to get instant feedback on whether or not they’ve passed.
  • Gives learners the option to retry if they fail to achieve 100%, by redirecting them to the questions that were answered incorrectly.
  • Is fully compatible with all PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Launch date in September: Both versions are currently being piloted by our Platinum Partners. As soon as we get their feedback final versions will be created, and the full launch is planned for September 2017.

Refreshing current resources: This invaluable new workbook has been created to replace the worksheets in the Mandatory Unit LAR for the following Level 2 units:

  • Health, Safety and Welfare in a Fitness Environment
  • Know How to Support Clients Who Take Part in Exercise and Physical Activity.

Learn more: For more information about this exciting new resource, please contact: