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Advice for English therapists only – further advice will follow for the other countries as it is released.

As per the latest Government Guidelines, the formal and legally required restrictions will be removed from 19th July 2021 and the onus will be upon personal responsibility for ongoing protection.

As a therapist you have a professional duty of care and it is mandatory for you to treat your patients/clients, safely, effectively and professionally, which is legislated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Therapists have a legal and moral duty to ‘protect the public’ in the most practical and professional way possible; this includes all self-employed and employed therapists. Failure to comply can result in prosecution and/or invalid insurance.

Given that we know there could be an increase in cases once restrictions are removed and to comply with the above legislation, GCMT consider that best practice to be the continuation of PPE, maintaining ventilation and continued high levels and frequency of cleaning/hygiene protocols.

Although it is not a legal requirement, it is suggested that close contact services still display a QR code poster. You should also continue pre-screening for Covid related symptoms and not treat if the client has any symptoms, however mild. You are also encouraged to use contactless methods of payment.

Remember that you can access free lateral flow tests which it is advised you carry out twice a week which will provide reassurance for your clients that you are working safely.

We would suggest that it is appropriate for you as therapists to continue to individually risk assess each situation/patient/circumstance and react accordingly, with at all times the overall care and safety of your patients and yourself in the forefront of your decision making.

As ever comprehensive notes are essential to provide evidence of continued best practice and decision making in all cases should the need arise to validate same.

It is worthy to note that none of the medical or paramedical professional services are sanctioning or suggesting any removal or reduction in present Covid security measures.

The GCMT, are fully satisfied that you will continue to act appropriately and professionally as you have done thus far and continue to provide your services to your patients in a safe, effective and clinical manner.