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We’re aware that some learners studying YMCA Awards qualifications have been impacted by recent training provider closures.

This page provides information on what support we can provide and possible next steps. As an awarding organisation, we’re responsible for designing qualifications, setting assessment standards and ensuring certificates are issued once you’ve demonstrated the required skills and/or knowledge. Our training providers deliver the course content, assess your progress and let us know when you’ve met the learning outcomes.

When a training provider closes down, we want to provide as much support as we can. However, we can only issue certificates for assessments that we are confident that you’ve successfully completed. If we have not received confirmation that you’ve completed an assessment, your work will need to be assessed by a new training provider before we can issue a certificate.

We will not charge learners for certificates if they have been impacted by the closure of a training provider. But if you need to complete additional training, or have your work assessed by a new training provider, they may charge you for this service.

For details of what information we hold about your assessments, please email providing:

  • photographic ID (usually a copy of your passport or driving licence)
  • proof of your current address (usually a utility bill dated within the past 3 month)
  • a brief description of your circumstances

Our team will aim to review your request within 15 working days.