The QCF gives employers a greater say on the development of qualifications, as they are designed in response to employer’s demands. Employers will also benefit from:

  • The ability to shape training around their business needs using relevant QCF units
  • A clearer understanding of employees’ qualifications and skills through the simplified structure of the QCF

Further information

Learning providers


As the process unfolds, there will be changes that learning providers will need to make to programmes and course materials. The QCF should ultimately deliver learning providers the following benefits:

CYQ and the QCF


In simple terms, all of our qualifications will be changing over the next two years. We are committed to being a QCF ready awarding body and migrating our current qualifications onto the QCF is well underway. To date, we have:

Centre guidance

  • Accreditation Periods for Units and Qualifications
  • Blended-Distance Learning Guidance
  • Customer Service Statement and Provision
  • Record Keeping Guidance
  • Result Enquiry Service
  • Role of the Admin Contact
  • Role of the Assessor
  • Role of the Centre Contact
  • Role of the EV
  • Role of the Invigilator
  • Role of the IV
  • Role of the Tutor

Anatomy for Exercise DVD

This interactive DVD for exercise professionals combines 3D images, animations and text allowing you to explore how the human body works from the inside out. Covering the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, you can bring the human body to life:



To complement eLearning, eAssessment is available to all YMCA Awards approved centres. eAssessment allows learners to sit online versions of all YMCA Awards theory assessments, providing your centre with instant access to learners' results and removing the time and cost burden of printing and returning answer sheets.

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