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Discover our market-leading Y-Mark digital assessment workbooks. The latest revolution in assessment materials, they are designed specifically to support internal assessment, are self-marking and completely free.

Y-Mark digital assessment workbooks are very similar to a typical e-learning learning check or quiz. The questions are a mixture of multiple choice and multiple response in accessible, easy to navigate layouts.

How do they work?

The beauty of Y-Mark digital assessment workbooks is that they are self-marking; saving tutors an average of 25 minutes per learner. Even better, they are free of charge to our customers, meaning no additional cost to centres. Once your learners have been set up, they simply need to log in, complete the workbook, and the system automatically tracks the pass/refer mark. 

How do I set the workbooks for my learners?

The workbooks are an open book assessment, meaning the learner can use their own resources to look up the answers. They're not designed to be used under exam conditions and can be set as a classroom task or as homework exercise provided learners work independently.

Request access to Y-Mark digital assessment workbooks for your learners (you need to be logged on for this link to work).

What’s the pass mark?

To achieve all of the learning outcomes for each unit learners must score 100%. If a learner does not achieve 100%, they will be re-directed to the incorrect answers via the ‘Retry’ button on the results screen. Learners can make as many attempts as they want until scoring 100%, and will never be asked to re-answer any questions they have already answered correctly.

What if I want to use a print version of the workbooks?

You can purchase printed copies of the workbook through our web shop.

Order copies of Y-Mark print assessment workbooks for your learners (you need to be logged on for this link to work).